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What now?

Got a call from Rex. "There is something wrong with my car..." I figured that it was water or something in the line that was causing the car to sputter and lag. I said just drive it for a while and is might works its way out... He decided to take it to the shop and see what is actually wrong. The shop already had all the bays full at 7:45 am. So it would be awhile. I told him I would pick him up and take him to work. When I got there, they actually got the car in and was testing it. It turned out to be two (of 4) of the spark plugs were cracked and were arcing and not firing in the cylinder. It would take them about an hour to an hour and a half to replace all the plugs and the wires. Great, I will go back to work.

When I got back to work I found out that some (about 1500) of the transaction over the last two months have no expiration date. It seems that the State's vehicle renewal program gave some transactions a 2/29/2013 exp date. The download system did not recognized that date, DUH! I guess it could have been worse, it could have been all the transactions.


Projects, done & in process

Last night after dinner, I got all productive and worked on the title patches for the Indiana Master/slave contest. These have a great matte metallic leather for the outer ring. I think it gives a nice pop that a light grey wouldn't have. These are done ahead of schedule. They don't need them until the first week of April. I will let them know that they are done and they will be in the post next week.

I finished the patches about 22:30 and still had a bit of time before I needed go to bed. So, I started another helmet liner hat. The first one that I started last week was in a variegated brown wool that has a lot of the "bear" colors. Since I will be vending at HiBearnation in St. Louis, I was thinking that I should make up a few hats to put on the table. The one that I started last night is a brown chenille/cotton mix. The chenille is a lot "fluffier" than the wool, but I am waiting to see how the stretchiness is between the two. Depending on how the hats work out, I am thinking of doing that cutesy thing and put little ears on them.

General Update

It has been way too long since I last updated my journal. The New Year went off without a hitch. January was cold and gloomy most of the time, it is Kansas after all. Had a birthday last week. Sure did enjoy all the birthday wishes. Most recently, I have been working how to use up some vacation time. By the end of March I will have over 120 hours to use. So, I have a few plans for travel. The major trip that I have planned is a road trip through the Great Lakes region. I will start out on April 7th and head to Columbus, NE to visit that awesome duo Bud & Drew. From there I will head to Madison, WI to visit with daddybearwi for a few days. Then on to Chicago for a quick visit with those cute boys Kevin, lucentnotion and Lane. From Chicago, I will go on to visit with Mom&Dad for a few days just north of Ann Arbor, MI. I was planning from there cross the border and head up to the Hamilton/Kitchener/Toronto are of Ontario. Can't let my passport just sit around and waste away. From Canada it is on to Pittsburgh, PA via Niagara Falls. I have never seen the Falls, I guess since I will be in the area, what the hell, take a look. I also have never been to Pittsburgh, so I have to do some research on what I want to see in the area....
The final leg of the trip may be the adventure part. From Pittsburgh to Kansas City (April 18 - 21 tent)I have not set plans. So I have 4 state (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri) to meander through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In May, (Memorial day weekend) it will be a long weekend in Austin, TX. I have not visited Austin since I left 14 years ago. I know there have been some great changes. and I am looking forward to visiting with old friends and seeing some of the changes.

Then in July is the big trip to Helsinki, Finland. I absolutely hate the thought of having to deal with all the TSA crapola, but I need to get out of this country for a short period.

Between July in Helsinki and November's HiBearnation in St Louis, the travel outlook is kind of barren. I was thinking of long weekend trips. Denver, OKC, Tulsa, just to name a few, are option for the late summer and fall trips...


I honor of May 2nd, Pagan “Coming Out” day….. Hello, my name is Scott and I am a Pagan! actually, a Druid/Witch/Cunning man with Heathen tendencies.

I am sure that most every one who knows me knows that I am NOT Christian. I was raised in a very liberal household which was quite upper middle class and very conservative in appearance. My Mother took us to the local Methodist church while we were growing up, Dad did not attend as I think it cut into his Sunday pilgrimage to the Dunkin’ Donuts. All through High School religion was not much of an issue. I was more of an Agnostic then anything. I Attended a Southern Baptist Church for a very short while. It was not until university that I really started looking for something to understand and believe in. Seeing as how I was a Japanese Language major, Buddhism looked very amiable to me. I joined a Japanese Pure Land Temple and enjoyed life as a Buddhist for many years. I was only in the past 10 years or so that I Buddhism was not quite it…. I looked into Shinto, which is a wonderful nature based religion, but was somehow still foreign to me. Shinto is the Japanese version of Celtic Druid. Once I made this leap, I was hooked. Here is was a religion, a belief and a culture that my people actually were part of. The Celts, part of my family (like a lot in the US) is of Irish descent. I gained a huge connection when I was in Ireland in 2006. Now, I study and practice the religion of my ancestors, the one before St Patrick got in there and mucked it up.

A Few years ago (2009) a new license plate was release in many states, I had a short post about it at the time ( http://kumazuki.livejournal.com/77624.html) and how I had made up my own Pagan version of that tag as a name badge. I have been wearing that badge since them (well up until a few weeks ago). An employee wrote an anonymous letter to the County Treasurer (our boss) to complain about this that and the other thing. One of the issues was that it seems that one of the other employees was “offended” by my badge. I told that I was not allowed to wear it anymore. I guess it OK to tape bible scriptures to your computer and you station, and wear a badge that professes your belief in the one true Christianity, but not if you are a “dirty Pagan”…..

So, “Hello, my name is Scott and I am a Pagan”.


I knew this day would come :(

I knew this day would come. I am very sad that I had to say goodbye to my Mitsubishi Van. I loved that van. A unique vehicle. Even the Mitsubishi dealership had never seen one before. Should'a would'a could'a fixed it, but after sitting in the back yard for almost 5 years, it is time to say goodbye.

I already miss it.Collapse )


Out of hibearnation

The temp is climbing and it the garden is sprouting. It seem that it has been quite awhile since I have posted anything. I have not really been hibernating, I keep myself too busy to hibernate. Among the numerous knitting and crocheting projects, there is divination classes, private study, reloading both computers, Japanese lessons, and I have started weaving. The first project was a rug that turned out very nicely. My friend Burke gave me a bunch of rug wool, in several different colours, and I got it in my head that I should try a plaid weave.
Since the loom I have is designed as a "rug loom" the plaid it turning out to be quite loose. But only after about a foot an a half it is looking pretty good. The rug wool is from a carpet mill and is quite rough. There is no way that I could use this plaid for a garment (kilt or cloak) unless it had a nice lining. There should be enough of it by the time I have reached the of the warp. I initially warped 9 yard on to the loom. Can't wait to finish this one and rewarp the loom. I have some great ideas for rug.....


Finally finished some stuff!

+ Some blatant commercialism.

Had a have a nice busy weekend and here it is time for another weekend. Last weekend I spent most of the time working on silk tie floggers and getting them on my newly created BearHide Creations Etsy.com account. I already have 2 athamé on there from blacksmithing. that I had made about a month ago. That was before forge was closed on Sundays for the winter. Guess I need to see about gelling the one in the backyard going...

But back to the Floggers. I had made 2 tie floggers a while ago, to the complete excitement of gryphons_hole, and they were quite well received. I chose to make a few more and I think that they turned out quite nice. I think the color schemes look great, although I am sure that gryphons_hole will cringe at the palate. His eye is some much more tuned than mine.

Speaking gryphons_hole, I have the week to visit with him. I will be heading up just after work on Friday. Shopping and Party, party, party on Saturday and DAV shopping on Sunday. I am very excited. It seems like forever since I last saw him, but it was only on the way back form HiBearnation in November.....

Ní thuigim!

I don't understand the difference in the following phrases that all seem to mean; I will buy...

beidh mé ceannach
beidh mé a cheannach
ceannóidh mé
déanfaidh mé ceannaigh
feicfidh mé a cheannach



Tabhair dom cárta maith, le do thoil!

The King of swords. Well it seems to be a air kind of week. The King, one of the extremes of the suit of swords. Analytical, Just, Authority. Today has been about computers, knowledge and knowing the talk. The day started with a webinar regarding The State and it's process of replacing the current computer program, that is over 20 years old, with a new, improved, updated and COMPLETELY different system. This all requires new hardware, scheduling, preriferals, and lots and lots of PATIENTS!!!!! They know the exact time and day that they will turn off the old system and 2 days later the new system will be in production (if it happens that smoothly, I will be completely surprised). After the meeting I had another meeting with the IT guy about the ghosting of our new PCs. I had to know what we use now and what we will need for the new ones. So far today, I have felt like the king of swords, well, maybe with just a little bit of a queen thrown in.... LOL

On the title; I trying seriously (mostly) to learn Irish. I have studied; German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and a few others here and there, and Irish is, by far, the most complicated and difficult for me so far. So many silent letters and spelling changes and funky sentence structure..... I need an immersion month, or better yet, a year!



I just finished the patches that were ordered for the titles of Mr. Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather 2010 and Ms. Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather 2010. Now all I have to do is make the leather lanyards to go along with them, and I can pop them in the mail. I sure hope they like them.

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