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Whew, What a Day!

This has been a very interesting day. With all the snow that buried Denver, last they were predicting all kinds of closures today. When I got up there was no ice anywhere, YAH!

I got a call from the programmer that he had finished the changes to the Antique invoicing program and I got to start printing the invoices to go out. After I have been talking about sending out statements for Antique car registrations for about 4 years now, it has finally happened. Tomorrow we will send out 4500 statements to the Antique car owners in Sedgwick County, KS. Yeah, I'm one of those damned tax collectors Jesus warned you about.

By this time It was lunch time. I had boring Campbell's clam chowder and a past side. June had brought me a Vietnamese sweet rice packet (for lack of a better word). It was so tasty. It was some sweet rice and mung bean paste steamed in a bamboo leaf. Sweet and chewy.

After lunch I stopped at the credit union to get some small bills for Friday and Saturday night. I will be setting up the shop at the bar (The OtherSide) for the last minute xmas shoppers. Leather is always a good gift. While I was at the CU I asked what kind of rate I might be able to get on a car loan. I love my little "toaster" but I am thinking that I need to think about some reliable transportation for the upcoming year. I was very please to hear that my CS is 735 and I would get a 6.75% rate. Woo Hoo. So now I have started looking at vans. I want a Sprinter 2500. Does anyone have any experience with any?

The rest of work went rather well. Tomorrow is the deadline to have inventory into the new SAP system. yuck! it has been a major process, since most of the items we have have not been inventoried or even listed. I guess now that is my job. I have only 16 more items to go and I will be finished with the inventory (for this year).

When I got home I loafed on the computer and Rex fixed dinner. Fried chicken and some NASTY pasta side. ;-P

I am not a domestic goddess, but I do occasionally play one on TV... Tomorrow is our "Holiday party". Bring stuff to share, eat, and me merry. I have been begged by a friend of mine to make some more of my fruit cake. This is really good fruit cake but it take a while to make. I looked to see if I have all the fruit (dried blueberries, raisins, currents, dates, cherries, cranberries, dried pears and apricots) that I would need and then start it. But alas, I do not. Guess I got to go shopping. So, for tomorrow I grabbed a couple of mixes that were in the cabinet.

There is Orange/Cranberry mini muffins, Pumpkin mini muffins with cream cheese and a Wild berry jelly muffins that I baked in mini loaf pans.

Now that I am thought exhausted, it is time for bed. "Oi, what a day I had today..."
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