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Well, I have finally had it. I am old and fat. I know that there is nothing that I can do about the old part. So, I will have to work on the fat part. I guess I am not really FAT. I am a bit over weight. But I can't tie my own shoes. or walk up a flight of stairs with out being out of breath.

Today is my second day going to the gym. I guess I have a goal. I know it is a shallow one but I want to loss this belly and be able to comfortable wear a pair of 38 jeans by TBRU. I know there loftier ideals that i should be focusing on, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, less apnea, better breathing and less stress on my heart. But all I can think of is the hot pair of Italian sailor pants that look great on me.

So, back the gym (both figuratively and literally). The Gym is located in the basement of the county jail. No, there are not any prisoners working out there. This gym us for the detention staff and all county employees. There are occasionally some woofy officers that work out there. I stretch a bit and then walk/run on the treadmill. Since it is only my 2nd day I am only walking a for 15 minutes. After the treadmill I head for the nautilus-type machines. 3 sets at the abdominal machine, 3 on bicep, 3 on gluts, 3 on legs and 3 more at the abs. I have not worked out in a long time so, I am taking it slow and lighter weights.

I don't feel sore, I think it will take a little more work before that starts. When I get home, I can only think of getting in the hot tub and floating away (figuratively).

Funny how things change. When I was in grade school I was a thin little guy and got bullied a bit. I wished I was bigger. I guess I wished a little too hard.
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