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During the winter months, here in Wichita, the house usually get a small infestation of mice. There are many many ways to try and rid your house of mice. Some are quite and the mice just disappear, except for a funky smell that seems to linger for a while. Some are quick and somewhat unreliable. And some are a slow lingering death but are quite reliable to catch. My Mom used those little boxes that shaped like a wedge of cheese and are filled with little pellets of poison. After see the ones that the exterminators use at the office I thought I would try the sticky pads.

I like to think that I have a belief in the philosophies of the Buddha. I want to be good and nice and believe the I could not hurt a fly. Recently I have looking into Pagan and the way of nature. I have had pets growing up and cried when they died. The last time cried over an animal was the day that Spike (a happy little female cockatiel) died. I watched her take her last breath and I was basket case.

When did I become a murderer, a hypocrite to what I believe? This morning I lifted the cover off of Butchy's (the male cockatiel, Spike's Mr.) cage. There was a small little critter in the bottom of the cage. As I startled it, it ran to the floor and got stuck on one of the sticky boards. As the mouse squeeled and squealed I picked up the sticky board with the mouse trying its hardest to get away, and I put it out on the back porch in the freezing weather hoping that the cold weather would cause it to die of hypothermia.
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