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Damn! That fucking white shit is falling from the sky again! On days like today the only thing that comes to mind is the old TV commerical from the mid 90's...

"I need it, bad!
*queue band*

You need the sunshine and palm trees of Florida,
When you need it, bad,
We got it good.
When you need it, bad,
Come to Florida!"

I guess the it is not all THAT bad. It is just that trying to get around is my own fault. If I did not love my van soooooo much I would get one that have front wheel drive and is better in snow. My little Mitsubishi Wagon/Van is great in hot weather, in dry weather and even in wet weather. It is a TARDIS on it's side. I swear that I can so much in it and still have room for people. It sleeps 3 very well (personal experience). But it is rear wheel drive and all the vehicle's weight is over the from tires. I don't have any current pictures of my baby, but here are pictures of one that is in a CA salvage yard *brushing the tears from eyes* http://www.msrecycling.com/carpages/063196.htm
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