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Leather 4 Love

This coming Saturday is Leather 4 Love. I really should not be procrastinating, I should be working on leather for the show. I actually got some stuff done this weekend. I got 2 firehose slings finished and a 3rd mostly done, before I ran out of rivets. Since I was out of rivets, I started working on some floggers. I had them all cut and ready to assemble, I opened the can of industrial rubber cement and just then realized that the furnace was running and I did not want the house to explode. I need to get an exhaust fan for the basement. So, I went and worked on the guest room (formerly, the computer room).
Since I know that gryphons_hole will coming down on Friday night to set up Saturday and sell his art, I wanted to have the guest room ready just in case he feels cramped in the waterbed with Rex and I. Oh, I can't wait to see Gryphon, it seems like it has been months.
So, along with interior re-decorating, Leather 4 Love product construction, I need to get pictures for existing items and I need more items to the BearHide Creations retail site.
Tags: bearhide, gryphon, leather, vending
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