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kumazuki (Scott)

Things I cannot do (or at least fucked so bad the first time I don't want to attempt again)!

1) Give Birth! (This, covers anything that would fall into the gender category.)

2) Make a silk screen. I thought this would be a great way to used up some of those dozens and dozens of blank shirts that I have accumulated over the years. And have some more International Bear shirts for TBRU in March.
I got a kit. I read the instructions. I had a long discussion with a friend who has made silk screens, and says, "with your talent you will have no problem." I mixed the photo-emulsion as directed and filled the screen. After letting it dry all day, I say that I put it on too thick and it left droplets on the back side. Since it had not been exposed to light I thought I would wash it out. That took way too long and a lot of water. I think that I rubbed the screen too hard because it was rough and not smooth like it was when I started. I mixed up some more photo emulsion and this time I put it on real thin. But thick enough to cover the screen. I even took the time to mask off the edge of the frame and the screen. I let it dry. Ok this is not so hard. I get may design (that I had put on mylar a few weeks ago) and a piece of glass, set up the light and the frame. Expose it to light. The Directions said that you should use a 150W bulb (are you kidding me) none of my home fixtures are rated for that. This is an old house, I will blow a fuse. So, I used a 100W bulb. After the prescribed 45 min, I went to wash the screen and all I could see washing away was the little bit around the outside of the design. I guess I let it expose too long. OK, it says to clean the emulsifier out you can either use bleach or acetone. I happen to have a gallon of acetone for my leather work so I try that. All that does it make it sticky.
OK, now I thinking, I have the design camera ready and I think that I can get it screened professionally for a lot less aggravation.
So, I may have shirts for TBRU but, at this point, they won't be from my hand.

Next, I think I will do my 2006 taxes. There is no way that they could aggravate me as much at silk screening.
Tags: bear event, bearhide, belief
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