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How do you sign.....

I was finishing up the pieces of the mailroom remodel (that is topic for another entry) and my office phone rang. Marie for the Appraisers office was calling... I did not recognize the name, but when I answered she sounded like she know me. "Scott, it says in the county directory that you Sign. We have a lady over here in the appraiser's office that is requesting a person to sign". I can sign, but I learned ESL when I had a deaf boyfriend while I was living in Las Vegas. Actually I took a few classes in college and picked up a few here and there. But I learned the majority during my time with Richard. I told Marie that I would have to talk with my boss, but that I would probable be over to the office in 5-10 min. My boss, Jo, said, "they need you, just go." My office is 2 blocks form the building that the appraiser's office is in. I got there and Janet introduced me to Larita. I introduced my self and Larita seemed very happy that there was a signer there. I am not an interpreter by any stretch of the imagination. I can get by, but I am very bad at reading finger-spelling. We were discussing the taxes that she owed for a boat that she owns. "What is the model? It has lots of damage because of this, and it is old and one of the seats, broke out a year or two ago...." and on and on.
While we were waiting for Janet to go get change and make some copies, Larita and I chatted (if you can call it that) I found out that she is a ASL teacher and that she was a ASL teacher in California for 9 years over 19 years ago. She also helped interpret for some deaf students. Why was here again.....
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