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We left a little late for OKC on Friday. The trip was fast one. We got to John and Olivier's house dropped off our stuff and Rex and I headed down to the Phoenix Rising. The PR is the new leather bar in OKC. The OKC Leather Pride event/show had started at 9:00 and by the time that we got there, it was about half over. Lots of woofy woofy men in leather. Olivier had asked me to set up the leather part of the shop at the event, but after I got there and saw that the crowd was a bit small that I would have to set up out back on the patio, I figured that I was skip that and just have fun.

We got up Saturday morning and stopped at Ingrads. This is a FANTASTIC German bakery/restaurant in North OKC at NW36th St somewhere between May and Penn. They have the usual breakfast stuff, but I had a wienerschnitel & eggs. Ausgesichnet!

We got the booth set up in just under 2 hours. It used to only take us 30 mins to set up, but I wanted things to change I wanted a little bit more profressional look.

Stay tuned....
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