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TBRU, The Beginning....

Well I made it to TBRU. The Trip down was un eventful except being pulled over by a Texas Highway Patrol. It seems that I was going 70 in a 60. I was very respectful and answered his questions with a "Yes, Sir." He asked if I was still living in KS and where I was headed. I said that I was on my way to Dallas. "What is in Dallas?", he asked. "I am going to a convention at the Crown Plaza." "What kind of convention?", he asked. "It a Bear convention", I said. "A What?" (do I really want to explain this, at this point in time, in this situation...) "It is like a trade show, I am one of the vendors" I said.
Well, the officer let me off with a warning to keep my speed down and to drive safe.

Back to TBRU. I see lots of LJer that I have talked will on line. I need to do some smoozing...
Hanging with shelbycub is a blast. He keeps me in stitches. I have got in contact with some guys that I have not seen in many many years. Steven, who just got back form 5 years in China. Rusty & Ken, who I have not seen since the toga party in Austin 5 years ago. I have been told that "Little" Scott is going to be here. I am a bit anxious to see him. It has been over 8 years and I am sure that he may still have a bit of animosity for the ending of our relationship. We'll see. I cannot let it ruin my weekend.

Tomorrow we are to start setting up the vendor booths at 9am. The vendor market is open from 12 to 8pm. It is going to be a busy day....
Tags: bear event, travel, vending
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