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I finished them. I was given a task, nay, a order by gryphons_hole to make 4 patches.

Actually it was an a order. Gryphon contacted me with the wishes of a motorcycle club in Kansas City that wanted leather back patches. The original design called for red, black, blue and gray leather.
Cool!, no problem, I can do that.... Then they wanted to change the gray for silver. SILVER!! Do you realize how nasty silver coated leather can look. I just have one word for you Naugahyde. I know that the Leather Factory had some and I thought that it might be what they were looking for. Oh, did I mention that I had to embroider some letter on it, so the silver leather had to be kind of thin. I go to the Leather Factory and say the metallic leather. It was bronze.it seems that there is a silver metallic coat and then a brownish clear coat over the silver that bade it goldish/bronze in color. I could see in spots when it had come off and it was a descent silver color. I left the silver part until last. I was not sure how this was going to look with the other colors. I took o ut my acetone and removed the bronze layer of the leather. it left an antique silver look. Pretty nice. I cut out the pieces, background, chevron, engine block, camshaft, and started putting it together. I was actually impressed at how good the silver leather looked on the patches. Well now they are finished.

I will take me up with me when I head up to Kansas City, to visit gryphons_hole for his open studio and we can pre-celebrate his big 4-0.
Tags: bearhide, kansas city, leather, patches
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