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Open Studio

Thursday, I had an average day at work. When I got home Rex was asked me how soon did I want to get on the road. "As soon as possible" I said. There is the prediction of rain and or snow. I would like of like to get to KC before sunset. I am terrible at trying to find my way in a new city in the dark.

I arrived in Kansas City about 8:00 pm which is really a quick drive. What normally would take 3 hours only took 2 and a half. It is amazing what a cruse control will do.

I met Charles at the a Restaurant call Tomfooleries. Charles was there with for a party. A Birthday of one of the girls at work, is how I think it went. Charles asked if I want to stay and have dinner. I looked at the menu and instantly had a hankering for Sushi. I guess that is nothing strange, I could eat sushi morning, noon and night, if let to my own devices. we drove over to Westport, the bohemian, gay, artsy part of KC. The is nice little sushi bar called Matsu. We sat at the sushi bar. We should have sat at a table. Next to us were these two guys, it was impossible to miss any part of their conversation, no matter how hard I tried.

It started out with; "how many Viagra do you want?" "You better give me 100 because I am going out of town" in kind of a blazer tone. "I was talking with my girlfriend and I told here that 'I know you are seeing some NFL football player in Vegas, that's OK, you can do what you like, but I am about to close a big deal and I'm will be putting your name on a bunch of clubs and I need to know that you are steady with me'". Blah blah blah "And then I told her, 'how many women do you think that I have been with? I have banged 10 chicks a week, that is a couple hundred in the past 3 years.'"


I am so over this these 2 pigs I need to leave. By this time we had eaten and were sipping tea. Charles was also ready to go.
We headed back to Charles house. Charles is an avid gaming bear, although for the life of me I cannot remember which one it is. I do know that it's not World of Warcraft. It was very interesting having been shown the characters and the houses that they live in and learning the stuff about the game that it sometime can take awhile to learn. Gryphon called to say that he was home, and that I could head his way any time I was ready... Got to gryphons_hole about 2:00 am and he was still getting the studio ready for Open Studio. Still lots to do....
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