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انا فرحا

I am so excited. I got my acceptance to the Arabic class. The Islamic Society of Wichita as part of their community outreach program, is offering free classes in Arabic. It is be held one of the 2 mosques here in Wichita. It is on Sunday for 16 weeks. When I called to find out about it I asked if it was just conversation or what type of class it was. The instructor told me that it is really a class to learn how to read and write Arabic. He said that as a result vocabulary and conversation will be picked up during the course. My personal guess is that this lesson on how to read the Koran. I guess that my love for interesting languages over rides my dislike of mass indoctrinating religion. If the local Catholic church was offering free class in Latin I might be inclined to take it in order to pick up the basics of sentence structure.
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