kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

work, work, work

Yesterday I waisted most of the day doing almost nothing. I put a set of Japanese sake cups on Ebay, and then went up and picked up my Arbonne order. The shakes are to die for. Stopped at the Yard picked up a fire-hose and some hardware to make a couple of slings. and then made dinner. Pork steaks on the grill w/ french-fries, sweet-potato fries and broccoli tempura. Um mmm

Unlike yesterday, today was actually a productive day. Despite not getting out of bed until 10 and then sitting around drinking coffee and chatting on 411. I talk with that cutie in Memphis, Jason. Woof!. About 12: I headed to the basement and the mounds of leather and no idea what to do with it. I do have an order that I have to fill for a gentleman in California. Got his suspenders done and also finished 3 other pairs. I also got 19 jockstraps embroidered. I set my unstable mind to working on a money holder wristband. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, cleaned my leather waist-bin and organized most of the larger hides. I love to multitask!
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