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IML/Bear Pride

Well, I just found out that I am going to IML (International Mr Leather) in Chicago in 2 weeks. This is also the weekend of Bear Pride. "That is a BIG weekend for Chicago", as a friend of mine put it. A friend of mine is going and asked me to go along. I hesitated at first, because money is running a bit tight. Rex is still out of a job and I had to come up with $500 for the Gas bill. Also the contract is up with Sprint and I figured it was time to move to another company. And I just bought this referb laptop. I know, it is a money pit of my onw digging, but "I work are for my money!" as the line goes.
The new cell company is Cingular (The New AT&T). I got a Treó 680. It is SO cool! It replaced my cell phone, my PDA and my digital camera.
The Laptop is a refurrbished Dell Latitude 131L. I figured that I could use it on trips and when I am early for MahJongg (like tonight) to just sit and journal. I have really been shocked how many open ports there are in Wichita. I thought for sure that I would only get a connection at the bar. But I have gotten them all over town.
I could not believe the flight. It is round-trip from Wichita to Chicago O'Hare for $132 and $45 for tax and shit. WOW $175 for a round-trip. That is Crazy. Wichita is notorious for been really expensive to fly out of.
One of the guys that I know is going to be a vendor at IML and he called and asked me to make some things for him to sell. I asked him. What he was really interested in (because there is not much time to make much of anything) and his response was Jockstraps and firehose slings. Also he said that If I had a lot of leather left over after TBRU that I could send that up to him kind of on consignment. and he would sell it and I would get my amount out of the items and if he did not sell them that he would ship them back. Well, since I have never been to IML and it is only an 11 hour drive. I thought that I would take a road trip. Then I saw the airfares. With the price of petrol, I can't even make it to Chicago for the same price as an airline ticket. That made logistics a bit difficult. The vendors for IML have to set up on Thursday and work through Monday. That would mean that I would have to leave Wichita on Wednesday and come back on Tuesday. Luckily there is a holiday in there and I only have to take 3 days off work. But While I am there I will be helping out at the booth.
If you going to Bear Pride or IML and you happen to find yourself at the vendors market, I would love to meet some LJ'rs. We will be the ones selling firehose slings. I have not heard of anyone else selling those so far. In my history as a vendor I have found that you only have 1 year to have a "new" product. After that, there will be at least 2 other vendors that are selling the same items.
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