kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Up, up and away...

The Day is here. I am off to Chicago. To IML. I never thought that this day would ever come. I really never ever thought that I would go to IML. IT was too big of an event. Way too many people. The eye-candy would be just overwhelming. The Trip is not starting out too great. The bag that I packed was over weight (those damn firehose slings weigh 11 lbs each). So, I had to pay extra. I guess $25 is not too much considering the cheap flight that I got.
Then the flight that is at the same gate but goes to Memphis instead of Minn is delayed 1 1/2 hours because of weather in Kansas. It is strange that it would divert a flight to Memphis but not to Minn. There are SLC (that is the technical team the weatherman uses here in Kansas, Scary Looking Clouds) in the sky over the airport, it should be a fun flight.
The flight is to take off in about 35 min and I have not seen them load my luggage. I sure hope that is makes it. I would so pissed if those slings and leather items don't get to Chicago!
Tags: chicago, iml, leather
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