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IML Day 1

What a weekend this was! It was a very slow start. I got to Chicago about on Wednesday night. The plane was delayed out of Minneapolis which made the arrive time more like 11:20 instead of the 10:20 ETA it was supposed to be. Rick was supposed to pick me up at the airport. But since he got a late start out of Augusta, I had to take a cab. I guess it was not bad. With tip and surcharge and fare it was $30. The Hotel was in Elmhurst. I did not realize how far that was, it was only about one and a half inches on the map....
Rick finally arrived at the hotel at 7 am. I stayed in bed and Rick went to bed. We slept for another 4 hours. Rick was told that he could not even unload the van until the afternoon, so, there were thing that had to be taken care of before setting up.
When we went out to the van Rick told me that the front passenger tire was loosing air. I ran my had along the tire to see if there was a nail or something sticking out of it and found that the steel belt was starting to separate from the tire. Well that had to be taken care of. So it was off to Wal-mart. The tires were under warranty. We picked up clothes pins, black fabric and snacks for the hotel kitchenette.

We finanlly got to the Palmer House Hotel about 17:00. We were near the last ones to unload. It was like Rick's van just exploded. There were boxes everywhere. it took 3 pallet loads to get everything up to the 4th floor. The ones that were setting up around is were asking "are you going to be able to get all of that stuff into that small booth?" I was starting to wonder that myself. We got the grids together and placed where we wanted them. We figured that we should go and get something to eat before we went any further, because it was 22:00 and we still had a long way to go.

We went looking for food. At 22:00 there was little open within walking distance of the Palmer House. There were many suggestions from IML Staff. The direction we went was Panda Express. Sounded good and it was close. As we walked over there we passed Russian Tea Time. I looked at the menu and started to drool. But It was a high class place (tie required) and it was closed. Panda Express was closed, Chipolte was closed. Finanlly we passed an Arby's and that was what we had for dinner.

When we finished dinner (if you want call it that) we went back to the Palmer House and started working on the booth. There were alot of people there. With every hour that passed, more booths would finish and their people leave. At 4:30 in the morning (Friday morning) Jeff from Mephesito Leather came over and said that we was leaving.... WE WERE THE LAST ONES... With a few more shirts to folded and the last of the leather put up. We were done. It was 5:00 in the morning and we still had to drive back to Elmhurst sleep, shower and be back to the Palmer House to open the shop at 12:00 noon.
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