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I started studying the Tarot yesterday. I am going to learn a card a day. It was on a site that I was looking at. ( http://www.learntarot.com/cards.htm ) In Lesson 5 she talks about a one card reading. So, I started yesterday....

July 3rd, it was the Five of Swords. The day was all about being selfish. What I did at work and what I did at home it was all about ME!

So, today, it is the Three of Coins (pentacles). The deck that I am using was a gift form my parents, it is the Ukiyoe Japanese deck. So, the traditional Pentacles are coins. Well, the Three of Coins is all about team work and accomplishment. That that is exactly what went on today at the house. JT wants to put a Murphy bed in the small side of the living room so there is a place for guests to sleep. I think its a great idea, but right now there is just the couch and the floor. So, the area of the living room where we are going to construct the Murphy Bed is all clutter! We cleaned and we moved and we organized and rearranged. Now it looks great! The 3. When we finished that I headed for the basement. My plan was to work on leather. But, my A.D.D. kicked in and I put together a set of shelves, moved the computer and the sewing machine cleaned the carpet and got some general rearranging done. I got a lot accomplished, even though it was not what I set out to do. I think it was the 3.

So, what will tomorrow bring....
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