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IML Day 2 & 3

The intimate details of the week are starting to fade. I should have written this down sooner. Now things are starting to blur together.
I had not even thought about the concept until I read gullinbursti's IML post. The concept of post-run depression, seems to have hit the nail right on the head. That in addition to the passing of Vince has made me feel like total shit.

Rickey and I arrived at the Palmer House late Friday morning. We had gotten a whole 4 hours of sleep, so we were pretty beat already. But we had finished setting up the booth and was pretty much ready to go. The market opened promptly at 11:00 am. There was not a flood of people as I had thought there would be. I have heard horror stories of the crowds and the somewhat overwhelming voracity of shoppers. It seems like any regular vendor event that I have been to in the past couple of years. So many men in various states of undress, it is quite a site. I met lots of LJ'ers and 411'ers (I know that there is a mass exitdos and the site is virtual empty, yah, right!) It was great to see woofy gullinbursti in person and to see lucentnotion again. The last time saw him was at TBRU and he is still as cute as I remember him. lucentnotion had a LJ friend of his with him that took a picture of us. It will get posted somewhere at some time... I did see bootglove, but being the blonde that I am I did not recognize him.

After the market closed for the evening, we went looking for dinner. The suggestion for a few was Panda Express. We had tried there the night before but it closes at 20:00. We made it on Friday. The food was good and pretty filing and not too expensive. We got back to the hotel in Elmhurst by about 22:00. We had both our laptops out and were trying to compare YouTube videos. It was late and we were exhausted and started giggling, when we got a sperm on the laptops. It was way past our bed time.

Saturday we got up early enough that we could go to the breakfast buffet at Houlihan's. It was ok. It seemed kind of pricey for powered eggs and watery grits. Not long after the market opened, Jeff bearinslc and Jamie reslbear wandered into the booth. What a handsome couple this bear duo is! The Vendor market went on Saturday until 19:00, we were starved. I was in the mood for authentic Chicago style deep-dish pizza. The weather was not to bat so we decided to walk to Giordano's. I had worn my Utilikilt that day and you would think that the people of Chicago had never seen a guy in a kilt before. There were people looking, no matter where we went (or maybe it was just blinding beauty... nah!) When we got to Giordano's the wait was 45 min but you can order you pizza and have it back while you wait for a table. When we finally got to a table, I order and appetizer of mozzarella and tomatoes in a balsamic vinaigrette and then the Pizza arrived. WOW!!! It was so good. That walk was very nice after being stuffed with stuffed pizza. Giordano's is about 8 city blocks from the Palmer House. On the way back we were more in the festive mood. We looked at store windows of sexy mod clothes and the Macy's Shoe Club. Got back to the hotel and should have gone right to bed. Turned the TV on and Saw II was just starting. I thought that I would drift off half way through, but I had to see the end.
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