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Pagans in the Park

Saturday I headed out to Newton to join the pagans in a camp out. I have not been to an actual pagan camp out with a ritual and everything. I left the house about 13:00. It was a 25 minute drive form Wichita, north to Newton and then another 10 minutes to the lake. The area was really nice. There a small pavilion and a concrete fire pit. I did not take a tent with me, because it was only one night and it was not far. I figured that I would sleep in the van and that would be fine. After I got there, Clinton said that they had an extra tent that I could use if I wanted to. I told Clinton and Lynda that was going to sleep in the van. "Well that's cool, but if you want it, just ask...."

As the day progressed, I was thinking more and more that I should have brought my tent. About 18:00 I told Lynda that I would take her up on that offer and barrow their extra tent. It was a 3-man Coleman tent and it went up in a flash.

Then sent our minds to mask making. The ritual of the evening was going to be calling the Wild. We were take a walk in the darkness and then as we emerged form the trees to join around the fire pit we would be wearing masks of the wild side and of the surrounding nature.
The ritual was exciting, thought provoking, captivating, and million other adjectives. I just hope that I can live up to my feeling and inspirations.

I had put up the EZ-up up to shade the craft area. We had been seeing lightening in the distance for about 4 hours after sunset and it was now upon us. We moved the EZ-up over my tent and anchored it down. An hour or two later the showers started. it was a steady drizzle the rest of the evening. at 3:30 in the morning it was time to head for the tent. The rain had cooled the air down and I had to pull up the top cover half way through the few hours of sleep.

The sun prodded me to rise, but it was the dripping of water that had puddled in the EZ-up that was telling me that I had to pee. I left the tent and took care of the need at hand. Now I was up and was not going back to bed. It was a bit cool, but there were a few other milling around and Clinton was getting the coffee going. I peeled and cut up a cantaloupe and a few Granny Smith apples for breakfast.

I had to pack up and leave to get back to Wichita in time enough to clean up and get to Arabic class.
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