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Weekend part1 (Friday)

The weekend was fantastic but was a rough start.
I finished work on Friday afternoon about 15:00. When I got home I went to load up the van and I could not find the tent. I looked everywhere. The only conclusion that I could come towas that JT had taken it when he came and got his tent and EZ-up. I gave JT a call, since he was at work there was no answer.... I call Linda and Clinton and begged to borrow one of their tents.... "Sure, no problem come on over". We finished loading the van and headed over to pick up the tent and then we would be on our way...
Not so fast! On the way over to pick up the tent the "check engine" light came on. When we got to Clinton & Linda's Rex lifted the hood while I went in and got the tent. I came out of the house and could hear the hissing.... As I got closer to the van I could feel the heat coming off the engine. Then I saw the hole. It was a meer pinhole, only about 1/2 inch down from the clamp on the upper radiator hose leading out of the housing where the thermostat is located. I did not want to cancel this camping trip, but if I were to let it go, it would surely bust open and then we would be stranded in the middle of BF-Kansas. So, it had to be fixed!
I got a pitcher of water form Linda and filled the radiator. As I fill the radiator I got more and more aggravated. Linda was was tried to comfort me by tell me that if I did cancel the trip that her and Clinton were going to get together with lothithil and watch a DVD and we were more than welcone to join them. The thought was great and I thank the Gods for friends like this, but I was in the mood for some Bear fun in the Woods.
We got back to the house and I had to wait for the engine to cool a bit before I could even attempt to work on the hose. When I actually got to work on it, I could not believe that the clamp (one of those FUCKING squeeze clamps) was in such a position that it straddled the engine mount. It must have taken me an hour and a half to get that damned clamp off. I took the piece of hose with me to AutoZone and got a replacement piece (with some nice clamps that I could use a socket on. The hose was back one and the radiator was filled up in about 20 min. We were on the road by about 21:30 and it was still a 2 hour drive.
We got to Milford Lake about Midnight. We stopped on the way to pick up ice and some munchies. The Bears were all under the shelter as there was a front heading in and the skies were filled with the illumination of lighting. The campfire was not lit yet but fondling had already begun. Kevin ask me if I would like a "summer beer" (this is a concoction of lemonade, beer and vodka) I should have said no, but all that came out of my mouth was, "Sure! why not?!?" Rex headed back to the van to go to sleep (I guess). I was drinking and socializing until about 3:30 in the morning. After putting my close back on, I headed for the van and some sleep time. The rain had cooled the air and the fire was not warming as it had earlier.
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