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Weekend part2 (Saturday)

Morning came early. I got out of the van and wrapped my sarong around my waist and head down to the pavilion for a cup of coffee. Kevin (the local social butterfly and female impersonator) was already making waffles and Colin had not gotten started on the eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy yet. As I was sipping on my coffee Colin started breakfast. I am sure that Colin had told me before (I have a mind like a steel sieve) and I had forgotten that there was going to be a Pride picnic at the camp grounds. They were expecting a large (at least large for Junction City, KS) turnout. The pride event, called The FAMILY Reunion, was not going to start for a few hours and would probably only last just short of sunset. There were a few bears milling around including a tall woofy drink of water. Kevin. I had seen him the night before, when we arrived at the campsite, but he disappeared shortly there after. When I finally work up the gumption to talk to him, he is a really nice guy. We talk of many things; religion, work, local gossip and the different campouts that the Junction City Teddy Bears have had over the past 5 years....
While I was eating my breakfast, I dropped my coffee cup. DAMN! not only did I spill hot coffee me all over myself (with no one to sue for damages) I wasted a good cup of coffee. I went back to the van and changed to my green sarong and washed the coffee out of the light blue one.

By now people started to arrive for the 'Reunion'. It quite a festive event. Just about everyone brought a side-dish and it really was like a family reunion. It is such a small community that everyone seemed to know everyone. I felt kind of like an outsider, but then I guess I was. The Junction City Teddy Bears were providing the hamburger and hot-dogs. The Pride committee had purchased a inflatable water slide. It kept the children occupied most of the day. For the adults and young adults there was raffels, swimming in the lake, assoted games (horse-shoes, ladder golf: locally know as 'testie toss'), lots of food and fun conversation in the park.
As the sun made it's descent towards the horizon the Pride participant took their leave. By nightfall all that was left were the members that were there at the beginning of the day. The sun was down at about 22:00 and the only light was that of the crescent moon and the flames of the logs in the fire pit. There was an intimate group around that campfire of about 20-25 recounting the remains of the day. But it is when the sun goes down when the campers get fired up. This campsite is not, by policy, a clothing optional camping area, but tell that to the bears who are camping in the woods. When the food is gone and the lights are out, there are only two things left; sleep and sex, and I was not tired.
Tags: bear event, camping, travel
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