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I was chatting with one of the women in my Arabic class and she asked me if I like different type of music. I told her that I love to listen to foreign language music. I don't know if she was fishing or flerting. I think she figured it out when subject of Swedish brought up ABBA. I practictly beamed like a little girl. I have several ABBA albums *DUH* and afew of them are in Swedish. She said that she would burn me a few. Last week she brought me 3 CDs. Two were Finnish and the 3rd was an ablum of Benny and Björn (The BB in ABBA) called "Lycka". I went on line to see if I could find the lyrics to the songs. I could not believe what I saw on one site. It was the was the alternate album cover that was not used. I have been drooling over Benny Anderson since the moment I saw an ABBA album cover......
I wish I could find a better version of this cover. I have always wanted to see Benny as close to nekkid as possible. He always wore those V-neck shirts with all that furr showing. WOOF!
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