kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Nine of Rods

I finally got my Brotherhood Tarot deck. WOW, this is a Fabulous deck and I don't use the "f" word lightly! The images are fanciful, sexy, comforting, and full of imagery.
The card for today was the Nine of Rods. It is the symbol of wisdom and experience that allows you to stand for yourself. I guess this is me on a daily basis at work. When it comes to the PC at work I am the Guru. I title I do not like much at all. I am by no means a Guru. I still have a lot to learn with regards to PCs, Windows, printers and Microsoft programs. But in comparison to the clerks, I am a PC/Printer God. I guess that says a lot. Since I work for a County Government, the majority of the employees are women with who have nothing better to do during the day while their husbands are at work and Soap Operas are their bag.
As a gay man I am somewhat of a chauvinist. I was sitting eating my lunch and there were about 6 women in the breakroom. The TV has CNN on and the events of the Middle East are being reported on and suddenly without notice the whole rooms erupts in a conversation about their divorces and their children. Calgon take me away! It was only 20 mins into my lunch, but I had to leave.
Good time to go for a walk.
Tags: tarot, work
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