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You pushy BITCH!

I was at lunch in the break-room and one Young Lady (dare I say, girl) was heating up her lunch. She had one of those Michelina's meals. They are pretty good for cheap frozen dinners. Someone started the conversation about asking her what she was eating. I noticed her open it and put in the microwave so...

YL: "I don't know, I just picked it up."
Me: "It is one of those Michelina's Manicotti dinners, they are pretty good."
Person 1: "What is a Manicotti?"
Me: "It is kind of like the Italian version of a cheese enchilada"
Woman: "Is is not! Manicotti is a tube and a Enchilada is a flat thing that is rolled up. They are nothing alike!"
Me: "If you look at the end results, they are both round, filled with cheese, and in a tomato based sauce."
Woman: "Well, you could kind of look at it that way, but they are completely different!"
YL to Woman: "I know that I have only been here at the office for a short time, but I have learned that there is really no point in arguing with Scott about anything."
YL to Me: "I hope I did not offend you, but I just not a confrontational person, it is not a bad thing about you, it is just that I think debating with someone is like beating against a brick wall, I would just rather so 'OK, you're right' then fight about it...."

I realize that what something does/doesn't resemble is a pretty petty issue. I know that I am very opinionated. I know that I like to debate issues. But am I really a Pushy, Close-mined Bitch that will not listen to reason? I guess I did not realize that I came off this way. The funny part of the situation want that the woman that so emphaticlly denied my comparison, continued to mutter about the complete difference of manicotti and enchilada as she left the break-room.
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