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Have we met?....

After reading about gryphons_hole's adventures in SF and all the LJers that he was meeting up, I was some of my own face-to-face with LJers. Of course there are a few LJ friends that I see a lot of. I see lothithil and halavana about once a week when we get together to out wit eachother with our mastery of MahJongg (Japanese rules). I also run into jadepheonix69 once or twice a month when I am out and about imbibing any number of smart adult beverages. I have suggested road trip to OK to try and meet fireboy4plai. But have not gotten and plans together.
So when the a request from a local LJer bear_to_go that he was off on the 4th and was wondering if anybody want to get together and do something. I thought, "this is my opportunity". I sent bear_to_go a reply and, I guess I was not think about it when I sent it. It did sound a bit suggestive. I did not mean to hook-up with him I just wanted to maybe meet and have a cup of coffee and have a nice conversation. After some explaining of my motives and some time, bear_to_go suggested that we meet for coffee at a local coffeeshop. Before I got there bear_to_go warned me that his LJ name had nothing to do with the "bear" community and that when he chose it, it was from a RPG and just liked it. I don't really know what I was expecting. bear_to_go doesn't have any personal images as icons on LJ, So I had no clue who I was going to meet. When I got there, he was waiting out front. A young man about 5'8" and about 130 lbs in jeans and T-shirt. His hair was cut short and he had a days worth of fuzz on his face. A pleasant young man. We got a table and ordered coffee and soda. We talked about LJ, where he works, where I work, his friends, the social organization in Wichita, the local clubs, movies and lots and lots of pop culture. We chit-chatted for about 2 hours.
I know it is not quite the adventure that gryphons_hole had during his time in SF, but, I am very glad that I have joined LJ and I am sure that I will meet some fantastic people because of it.
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