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"Bears (pl) in the Heat"

The Wichita Bears and have Bears in the Heat this coming weekend. I found a great deal on jersey drawstring shorts, so I figured that I would embroider something on them and sell them at a cheap price to BITH participants. They are nice comfortable shorts, tan in color with pockets. They run large and so I got the standard bear sizes, L, XL, 2X, 3X & 4X. I decided on red for the embroidery. I was working on them last night and had finished just short of half (about 8 - 10) and I looked at the again at the design. DAMN! I spelled it wrong!
It was supposed to say BEARS IN THE HEAT and as I looked I noticed it said BEAR IN THE HEAT. I fixed the design and uploaded it to the embroidery machine and cotinued the correct design on the rest of the shorts. Now is the tedious task of ripping out the work BEAR and tring to get he hoop back on in the same spot to reëmbroider BEARS.

Tags: bear event, embroidery, vending
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