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Bears in the Heat V (Friday)

I guess I need to do some updating.

This last weekend was Bears in the Heat. The weekend, on the whole, was a nice weekend. But it did not start out as a grand weekend. I had made reservation for a room at the host hotel (Cambridge Suits) about a month ago. On Friday I went over there on Friday and tried to check in. It was not their policy to to allow check in before 15:00. OK, now I have wasted my lunch and got absolutely nothing accomplished. I had loaded the van before work and was hoping that I could at least get the stuff in the room during lunch.

OK, fine I will come back after work. I arrived at the hotel about 16:50 and was ready to check in. "We're sorry, the Hotel is completely sold out, the only room we have is in building 5, the rest of your group is in buildings 1, 2 & 6."

I spent the next two hours setting up the room. I guess I had high hopes for the weekend. I have everything discounted and plenty of larger "bear" sizes, But I ended up taking most of the inventory back home on Sunday.

Other than vending, it was a great weekend. The first night was the poker run. Our first stop was Wyldewood cellars. One of the few working vineyards in Kansas. There are very well know for there elderberry wine. Free wine and cheese, what could a bear ask for more. I got a bottle of their very sweet Raspberry wine and some elderberry fudge. From there we went to the oldest bar in Wichita, The Our Fantasy. And when you opened the door it smelled like the oldest bar. From there we hit Side Streets. A cute little neighborhood bar, touted as the only "mens" bar in Wichita. It also has a rep for being a bit of a drug bar. Last stop before the hotel was the OtherSide. I guess I am a bit biased but, this is the bar are like the best. The tenders are woofy, the atmosphere is festive, the clientele averages in its mid 30's & 40's.

When we got back to the hotel complex, about 1:00 am, the crowd got off the bus and seemed to disappear. I dropped of my wine and fudge at the room and headed over to the Hospitality Room. There were a few bears roaming around. So I sat in the court yard on a rocking chair and did a little relaxing. I had finished off my bottle of water and went back into the HR to get another bottle, when I ran in to Mr.A. He said that him and Mr.B were hoping that I would join them for play time.... Well, Hell, Let's Go! you don't have to ask me twice!
I think that I got back to my own room at about 4:30 in the morning. I was spent and raw. As I climbed under the covers, I thought, "the sun will be up in a little while", and I was out like a light.

Saturday Morning showed up showed up way too quick!
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