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I got kind of a late start on Saturday. After playing all night, I was half expecting to sleep til noon. I guess since I was in a strange room that was the problem. I woke up at 7:30 then at 8:00 and finally got out of bed at 9:30. I walked over to the club house where breakfast was being served. It was not half bad for complimentary breakfast. Powered eggs, extra extra thin bacon, hash browns and toast. There was only 2 others for the run there. I guess it was still early.
After eating and spilling coffee all over myself, I went back to the room and propped the door open.

It was a slow afternoon. A few sales here and there, but it was slower than any event I had ever been to. About noon, Rex showed up to help watch the sales. Things were going kind slow until Tonycubziz showed up. He was in a shopping mood. He was interested in one of the cod-pieces. Of course we had to give him a full fitting. Hopefully he will post some pictures of his new purchase. Since it was a full fitting we had to make sure that he was completely satisfied. Dinner was about to start, so, I left Rex in charge of the room while I headed do to get a sandwich. I knew he would be OK with Tony there to keep him company.

When I got down to the hostility hospitality room, I ran into Williamshelbycub. I know that he was a bit nervous about the show. So, I gave him a big hug and told him "You'll do GREAT!".
The sandwiches were build-your-own. I had the best teacher on how to make a sandwich, Dagwood Bumbstead.
When I was finished with my Dagwood I headed back to the room. Still could be some sales before having to go back to the house and get cleaned up for the contest/show at the OtherSide. As I tuned the corner, the door to the room was closed. Either some was in there or there was no one in there. Well, it was the later. I guess Rex got Lucky.
I was still early so I thought that I would hang for a bit. Boy and I glad that I did. I was sitting on the bed surfing LJ when I heard a deep voice, "Hello?" In walked Daddy. He looked around a bought two shirts. He was hesitant about buying anything because he did not have any saddle bags on his Harley. I did my best to assure him that he would have a enough room. When he said Harley, I had see it. It was orange and cream, it looked just like a dreamsicle. I found some leather strips and a plastic bag and tied the 2 shirts to the handlebars. After Daddy drove off, I locked the room and headed to the house to get cleaned up for the show.
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