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Two weeks ago a local theme park "Wild West World" declared bankruptcy after being open for a long period of 2 months. No one saw this coming, yeah right! As a result of the bankruptcy a troop of Chinese Acrobats were stranded in Wichtia with no income. If order to help out, the city of Wichita set up a fund raiser for the Acrobats. Tickets were $10 and there were only going ot be two shows, Saturday at 14:00 and 19:00. I have been wanting to see a acrobat troop for a long time, and this seems like a good reason and good price. The show was pretty cool. I could only dream of a time when I was the limber and that energetic, sigh!

On Sunday we headed to the Wichita Art Museum. It is a small midwestern museum, but since one floor is closed off due to roof renovations, the admission is free until the end of September. Inside the WAM there is a small café call the Spartan Café. It is very gourmet, from a mid-west point of view. On Sundays they have brunch from 11:00 - 14:00. There were 6 of us and when we got to the café the waitress asked, "Do you have reservations?" Our response was, "We didn't before, but we do now." She was not amused. After chatting with another waitress she sat us and proceeded to all but ignore us. We ordered and got our drinks 15 mins later. The first plate showed up 45 minutes after we sat down. Even though the service SUCKED the food was excellent. 3 of the guys had the Reuben (thick sliced cornbeef and red sauerkrat w/apples) with a bowl of beef vegetable soup. They are said it was really tasty. JT had the Huevos Rancheros and Ken had the Eggs Benedict. I ordered the Brie and Cranberry pancakes with Almonds. All I can say is Fabulous! and I don't use the "F" word lightly!

After brunch we wandered around the gallery and admired the art. In the main hall on the second floor outside the café there is a huge Chihuly glass sculpture. I could not help being funny and getting a picture of Steve wearing the Chihuly like a hat.....
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