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The day started out OK. I got up early and had time to check email before going into work. I got to work early and got all my reports done. Now I am at the Derby satellite office. I have worked the line before, but this is completely different.
I could not find an active line to connect the Credit Card machine to, so now all I can accept is cash or checks. There have been a few times where I had to take the 2nd or third person in line instead of the first, because they were using a debit/credit card. Most have just laughed about it. If it had been a typical end of the month at the tag office they would be pulling out their hair because they were at the front of the line and could not get helped right away. This month is not so bad, probably because the last day falls on Tuesday.
I'm only at the Derby office for the 30th and 31st, so I won't get to see the really busy days here (Thursday and Friday when everyone realizes that they are late).
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