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I found out this afternoon that I will be able to go up to Kansas City this coming weekend to visit with gryphons_hole. I had been thinking about going to see him since he got back from his whirlwind tour of San Fran. And with the impending night job at the post office, I know that it would be a long time before I got to visit with him.
So, this puts in to motion some things that have to be done before I take off next weekend. The first of which I finished when I got home tonight.
The front brake pads on the van have been sqweeling for weeks. Since I bought the pads on Saturday and was going to put them on the van but we got rained on, tonight was the night. I got home late because I working in Derby this week. Rex was already cooking burgers when I got home. We ate, and I headed to the driveway. Seeing as this was not he first set of brake pads that I have changed in my life, it was not that bad. It took about 2 hours and only a few drops of blood (a project is not a project unless you draw blood). Some bolts can be the proverbial "knuckle buster".
So here is the break down:

Brake pads: $20.99
2 packets if anti squeak gel: $1.98
2 hours labor (my time): $0.00
Knowing that I can change my own brake pads: Priceless

The project for tomorrow night is working on the fire hose sling for Mikey.

Tags: auto repair, gryphon, van, work
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