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The 14 (15th card of the major Arcana) is Temperance. I guess it really did not fit the day. Is there a card for sloth? I got up late and spent the majority of the day surfing. I just got a different connection to that card. Saturday was the 15th. On the 15th of every month the HP (Hirsute Pursuit http://www.awes.com/hp ) group has a "feed the bears" where several of the members get together and have dinner. Rex started this group many, many, many, many years ago and it is one of the longest existing bear clubs. Well, last month it was hed a Bishop's buffet. The Fellowship was great, the food was NASTY! So I had posted once that I did not want to eat at Bishop's and there were a few other that suggested other buffets in town and Rex did nothing. So, last night I was not the model of Temperance. I, and JT went someplace else and Rex had to attend the FtB on his own.
Tags: bears, food, tarot
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