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Limestone Gardens

On Sunday we (gryphons_hole, Rex and I) went out to Limestone Gardens Lodge.
This is a current work in progress. Larry, the owner of Out There in KC, MO and his partner Brian are in the process of building a Gay Mens' Retreat. It is in Oskaloosa, KS just a mere 47 miles east-northeast of Kansas City.

It is about 10 miles the other side of Camp Gaea. Camp Gaea is a Pagan retreat where the Kansas City Cave Bears have been holding BITO (Bears in the Outdoors) for many years. The change in the structure of the management of Camp Gaea along with other factors has caused the cancellation of BITO this year. But that is another subject.

Back to Limestone Gardens Lodge. LGL is located on 60 some acres. There are plans for a lodge with an in-ground pool, camping, RV parking, and kitchen and meeting facilities. Currently, there are primitive campsites and an above-ground pool. The Lunch is included with any event on Sunday. We got there about 12 and Larry was in the process of cooking up chicken breasts. It was wonderful weather. We chatted with the other who were already there. Lunch was served. Chicken breast sandwiches with sliced potatoes that had been baked with onions and butter, 3-bean salad, fruit salad, pickles and condiments. After lunch we went exploring. Part of the property of LGL is an old quarry which is now a field. We walked across the proposed site of the lodge and down in the forest that separates the lodge site from the camping area. When emerged from the trees it was like entering a stadium. The field was oblong in shape, ringed with trees and about the size of a football field. On the opposite side from were we left the trees was a creek bed. It was great 5 nekkid men traipsing around in the woods. After wondering around for about an hour we headed back to the main house to get in the pool and cool off.

I look forward to our next trip back to Limestone Gardens Lodge.
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