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Page of Swords

This is the card of Vigilance. Pulling from your inner strength the get through the current situations. It took everything I had to deal one more day with my immediate boss. She does absolutely nothing. She professes to be a "computer person" but then doesn't know a USB for PS/2 and I wonder on a daily basis how she keeps her job. She comes in late every day. "Oh, the kids... the car... the etc. etc.." Takes long lunches and leaves early. She has not seen a 40 hour work-week since she started over 3 years ago. The Big Wig in the County is Billy-boy and he wanted her gone for some reason or another and the, then, Treasurer Ms. Kennedy gave her a job as the office manager. Well, Kennedy decided not to run for another term and we stuck with the Dutch Princess. I dread going to work every day. I love my job! I really do, but I cannot wait to get out! I swear if get one more ill-conceived, un-proofed, email with one word commands in it from my boss, I will go postal! This is when I need the Temperance card!
Tags: tarot, work
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