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Another Shity Day!

Major Bitching and moaning to follow...
spare yourself

Monday recap
I am been a shity mood all day. Well, actually for the past two days.
We got new printer in at work. I thought it was going to be great. I got to the Brittany office and was ready to start installation. It started off bad when the supervisor did not show up on time but 15 mins late. I know that is not a big deal but that is just the start. When I started work opening the boxes of the printer and setting them at each station, I noticed that one of the "new" ladies had taken the CPU tower off the floor and placed it on it side to use as a monitor stand. She never ask if this was OK and since I am the one in charge of all the PC for the all the Tag offices, I was a bit pissed. So, I had to unhook everything and find some risers to put the monitor on... The rest of the installation went rather well. 8 printers installed and configured in 4 hours.

I need to take a nap, slept for 35mins and did not eat dinner.

Off to the Post office for CBIT training. I passed the first couple of test then it got to Dual Address (street a/o POB). This kicked my ass! I took the test 6 times and failed it each time. Some were not even close. The test is to encode 100 pieces of mail in 13 min., with less than 4 errors.

This time is was the Chasdworth office for printers. I thought it was going to get better. Fuck NO! The supervisor at Chadsworth showed up 20 minutes late.
As I was pulling the pinters out of the boxes, installing the IPDS chip, I hauled them out to the station where they were to sit. I had cleaned off a space at each desk for the printers. I had two out there and I was taking the 3rd one out to the station and the woman who just came in thought "Maybe the cleaning people moved my stuff..." and put all her stuff back where I was going to put this printer I was carrying. Oops, I guess not!. While I was setting each printer up the room is filling with customers. Incomes this woman with her 4 little brats in tow and all there toys. One decides that she wants to run around and SCREECH at the top of her lungs. This went on for 45 minutes. I thought I was going to loose it!

Then I get a text mgs from Rex, the job interview that he had on Monday, well he did not get the job! Merry Fucking Xmas! I should have known that he would not get the job. The position was to run the remittance processor in the Treasurer's Office. The same division that I work for, but a different section. I called My boss's boss and ask her if she would do me a favor and give Rex an interview. She said that she could do that. Then I found out that she was not in the interview. I know that nepotism is a bad thing, but I see it run rampant in government and since Rex has been out of work for over 2 years, I am getting desperate. After I found out who was doing the interviewing I knew that Rex would never get the job. There were 3 (good Christian) women interviewing, I am sure that they knew someone from church who's daughter need a job. Nothing that you could prove. Well that fucked my mood for the rest of the day!

Got home at 16:50 and had time to check email and push some food down my throat.

Off to the Post office! When I picked up my time card there was post-it note on it that said "Take A29 only one more time". You know what they say "7th time is the charm." Yeah right. Well, I failed it again. they moved me on to the next one. After 3 times I passed and then I pass the next 2. Everyone say "Oh you are doing great" or "don't worry you'll get it", I don't think I have ever fell so stupid. I wish Rex would get a full time job so that I didn't need 2.

As I left the Post office I saw that I had missed a call from daddybearwi Now I am really bummed!
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