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I finally got the patches for ILSb/ICBB Northwest region contest finished and shipped off. I think that they turned out great.

I am sure that these patches were a little easier because there were the same design as the Washington ILSb/ICBB contest patches that I did back in June. Every patch I work on I tend to learn something new. Or maybe it is just senility and I forgot that I learnded it before and I just thinks that I am learning new things...... I got to work with "studs" or a type of stud work. Now that that stud-Muffin Pat from Tulsa wants a belt for his Mr Tulsa Eagle Leather title I can use what I used in these patches to get it out got him.

Wendell in Washington said that the last patches were such a hit that the Seattle Men of Leather (I think that is right) want me to do their contest patches for November. How Cool!!!. I can't wait to see their design.

I also have been commissioned to do the Great Plains LeatherSir & Leatherboy regional ILSb Great Plains regional ICBB and The ICBB patches. Woo Hoo!

Also, I have just started working on a embroidered patch for the Mr Dixie Belle Leather contest in KC. I will have to send them a sample I am guessing. That is also a cool design whipped up by gryphons_hole.
Tags: leather, patches
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