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What Scott needs...

I have seen this meme on a couple of LJs and I thought that this time I would try it. Go to google and do a search on "[your name] needs" and then post the first 10 that come up. 9 & 10 were the same so I posted the first 11. I guessed that with a common name that is used as both a first and last name that I would get a pretty boring list.
I should have also known that it would be fraught with sexual innuendo.

Here goes:

1)Scott NEEDS Nude Models
2)Scott needs This!
3)Scott needs to ask himself how he would have handled an officer who put concerns for a friend over the demands of the job.
4)Scott needs Help from Maryland Players
5)Scott needs warp power NOW
6)Scott needs Mozilla
7)Scott needs a real serious butt chewing
8)Scott needs to be shown the back door and he needs to go spend a year in meditation under the Dalai Lama.
9)Scott needs a ride
10)Scott needs A Change Of Style
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