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Letting out that inner Gurrl!

Well in this case it was, letting out that moderately famous, middle aged, Latin rumba star.
I have been wanting to do Carmen for quite awhile. But I could not quite figure out how to get all that fruit to stack so nicely. Last year I started working on a Carmen style fruit hat and put in on the back burner after last Halloween passed. I pulled out that project and built a costume to go with it. The result is quite a sight.
This is a really good picture of me with that hot man Doug, in his full leather LA motor-cop uniform. This picture was taken at the Witches Ball. The Witches Ball is on the road to becoming an annual Halloween party put on by the Wichita Pagan group. It was lots of fun and there was good food. There were prizes for best costume, ghoulish food and pumpkin carving.
I also played Carmen at both jobs, the Tag office and the Post office. Most customers had a good time with it. I have yet to see the results of the costume contest at the Post office. Everyone that I talk to at the Post office said that I would win. We'll see.
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