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Page of Pentacles

Jeez, do I feel shitty! I started this one card-a-day, every day and I have already gone about 2 weeks with nothing. Not a hey, or a HI or even a nod.
Well, I think that it is time I try and work my way back to it. I have been slowly getting ready for BITO. I just picked up some henna powder and sifted it. It was a good color not like the batched I had last year. I have also started getting motivated about LeatherCamp. I spent most of the day on Sunday working on some leather bears and codpiece covers. I should have the bears finished to take with me to Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, AR. this weekend.
One of reasons that I have been gone was that I caught a case of strep throat. I guess I got it on Saturday and it started to manifest itself on Sunday night and by Monday morning, I was sporting a temp of 99.5. My tonsils (yeah, I still have them) were covered with white puss sacks. I had to go to the doctor but I put it off. On Tuesday morning my temp was up to 100.5, Now I have to go! It took Doc 3 tries to get a throat culture. I have a terrible gag reflex (I really need to work on that). But is came back positive for Strep. One shot of penicillin and thats all.
I could have and should have wrote while I was incapacitated, but one procrastinating moment led to another and here I have 2 weeks later.

So, I guess that leads me to the title of today's card the Page of Pentacles. This is the student. Although, I didn't feel very studious today. I spent another day at work catching up on the four days that I was out of the office.
I am so looking forward to the next few events to be over. Friday Tod and I leave for arKansas. Then 2 weeks after that is Leather Camp. I Want to do things around the house; clean up the back yard, put shelves in the stairwell to the basement, build the Murphy-bed we have been talking about. Oh, I guess there will be time for all of that later. I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of later.


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Aug. 1st, 2006 07:51 pm (UTC)
Glad you're feeling better, sickly boy. Don't sweat the journal thing... somedays are better left unsaid, you know?? I'm glad to hear from you when I can!

Guess that means that you'll be too busy to come out and play Friday. Me and Laura miss you! We usually spend Fridays watching movies, as it is too damn hot to go out, and we're both still too skittish to go into Old Town.
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