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Page of Pentacles

Jeez, do I feel shitty! I started this one card-a-day, every day and I have already gone about 2 weeks with nothing. Not a hey, or a HI or even a nod.
Well, I think that it is time I try and work my way back to it. I have been slowly getting ready for BITO. I just picked up some henna powder and sifted it. It was a good color not like the batched I had last year. I have also started getting motivated about LeatherCamp. I spent most of the day on Sunday working on some leather bears and codpiece covers. I should have the bears finished to take with me to Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, AR. this weekend.
One of reasons that I have been gone was that I caught a case of strep throat. I guess I got it on Saturday and it started to manifest itself on Sunday night and by Monday morning, I was sporting a temp of 99.5. My tonsils (yeah, I still have them) were covered with white puss sacks. I had to go to the doctor but I put it off. On Tuesday morning my temp was up to 100.5, Now I have to go! It took Doc 3 tries to get a throat culture. I have a terrible gag reflex (I really need to work on that). But is came back positive for Strep. One shot of penicillin and thats all.
I could have and should have wrote while I was incapacitated, but one procrastinating moment led to another and here I have 2 weeks later.

So, I guess that leads me to the title of today's card the Page of Pentacles. This is the student. Although, I didn't feel very studious today. I spent another day at work catching up on the four days that I was out of the office.
I am so looking forward to the next few events to be over. Friday Tod and I leave for arKansas. Then 2 weeks after that is Leather Camp. I Want to do things around the house; clean up the back yard, put shelves in the stairwell to the basement, build the Murphy-bed we have been talking about. Oh, I guess there will be time for all of that later. I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of later.
Tags: bear event, bearhide, health, leather, tarot, work
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