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One more day I didn't go Postal....

Last night at the Post office was not as bad as I though it would be. There was some confusion as to the actually days that I called in for, in order to go to HiBearnation. Also it seems that I have earned some paid time off. I did not realize this. So the hours that I have accumulated were applied to the time that I called in and I will only lose 8 hours of pay. I still don't understand it (and at this point I don't want to understand) but, if they want to pay me, I will take it. Even-though last night was normally my day off they had mandated everyone to work because of the high volume of mail after a holiday. At 22:00 they announced that everyone had to stay an extra hour past their end time. I was to end at 23:00, and at 23:15 they started letting people, who were working their normal day off, go home. I left at 23:45. There is :45 minutes towards those 8 non-paid hours.

Tonight is going to be a challenge. At 15:00 I have a dentist appointment to get a crown prep. This should be lots of fun. Normally I like going to the dentist. It makes my teeth feel so clean and squeaky. But a crown prep..... The last time I had major work at the dentist, he used N2O and I started having really weird thoughts. I felt very paranoid and anxious, almost to the point where I wanted to get up and run out. Once he turned the gas off, I was fine.
So, tonight at the PO, if we have to stay longer than an extra hour I hope my head doesn't hurt too much from the tooth grinding.
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