kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

I made had an appointment with the doctor today. He told me that I was very contagious and that I should not go to work until at least Thursday the 22. Since the Tag office will be closed Thursday and Friday I am out of there until Monday. The Post office is a different thing. I when there after the doctor visit to drop off the note and I was not on the schedule for Thursday, and my supervisor is off until Thursday, so I am not sure how this all works. It just kind of seems ironic that I was lamenting that I had no time and now I have loads of it, and I still have not ambition to do anything. Tomorrow I am going to get that kilt out and work on it.

The Doctor gave me all kinds of stuff for my eye and for my sinuses. For the sinus infection he gave me Amoxicillan 3000mg a day and some kind of sulpher drops for the pink eye. The Pharmacy was a concerned at the dosage of the antibiotics, but they contacted the Doctor and he confirmed the amount.
Tags: health
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