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Back to the drawing board

I worked on that new kilt all day. Up until I had to go to work at the post office. I got the four panels put together and the waistband on and finished. All that is left is the snaps, the pockets and the belt loops. I could not wait to try is on... So, I wrapped it around my waist and, DAMN! it is about 4 inches too short. If I were to go from a 40 do to a 36 it would be perfect. The length is perfect, the color and the fabric are great, its just too small... :(

Well looking on the bright side:
I gained valuable experience for the next kilts that I make.
I bought enough of that fabric that I can make one the right size.
I have 2 more days before I have to go back to my day job to work on the next kilt.
I have a Xmas present for someone who need a kilt.....
Tags: kilt, sewing
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