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Happy New Year and Happy B-day.

I want to wish Happy Birthday and many many more to; cuteorkill, castrowoof and revhyperion

Now for the new year project...

I few years ago a wonder lady here in Wichita gave me a bunch (about 300) of video tapes form Japanese TV. I have been moving them around the basement since I got them. Now I am going to do what I had originally planned. I am going to convert the tapes that she gave me to DVD. There are all kinds of tapes; Movies, dramas, Samurai, music, etc.

I have already converted a few of them and the quality is pretty bad, but some of them are over 10-15 years old.... and a lot if them are recorded at EP and SP, ugh! So, I understand that the quality of the DVD can only be as good as the VHS....
Tags: birthday, japanese, ljers, project
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