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Never Give Up!

I guess I will just learn to live with it until I have the knowledge to fix it. Today was actually a very good day. After work Rex and I went out for our Wednesday night dinner and had Shabu-shabu. It was a beef/seafood combo. The dipping sauces were OK but there were very Thai in nature and I am somewhat of a pure-est, if I am going to eat something that is advertised as a Japanese dish (and I have had it in Japan) then it should come with, at least one of, the different Japanese sauces that go with Shabu-shabu. The dipping sauces that they had were a plum/pineapple sauce and a spicy peanut sauce. I tried it for a while then I just had to ask the waitress to bring me some rice vinegar and lemon juice so I could add some soy sauce to it and make Japanese Ponzu sauce. As soon as I got the Ponzu I gorged myself. It was great!
After getting home from dinner I went to the basement and continued to tasks of getting ready for OML (Oklahoma Mr Leather) and for HiBearnation. These are the last two events of the year and I want them to be big. Tonight I finished 9 crisco holders, 3 pairs of suspenders and mostly finished 6 wrist wallets. I know that Craig from the leather shop in KC will be at OML and I really want to have stuff that I know he will not have. I cannot compete with his selection of armbands and harnesses. I will, though make a couple of harnesses that are a little on the unique side. There is a good possibility that the smaller things will sell at OML that will not sell at HiBearnation.
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