kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Presidents' Day

Another late sleeping day. I got up at 10:00. I had to drop off the pants that I hemmed for MaryAnne's husband and the last blanket that need embroidery.
Before I headed to north Wichita, I started dinner. I put some country pork ribs in the crock pot to cook while I was out. I stopped at Target to pick up some small red and Yukon Gold potatoes for the crock pot. I was planing on making some muffins that are on the side of the Weetabix box, but I need brown sugar and yogurt. While I was at Target I saw some Honey Almond yogurt. Since the muffins call for honey and allspice, I thought that a flavored yogurt would be fine.
I dropped off the pants and blanket. MaryAnn was so pleased.

I got back to the house by about 14:00 and put the potatoes and carrots in with the pork. Then I went to making muffins. The muffins turned out pretty good. While I spent all that time in the kitchen I decided to do a little rearranging/cleaning. I got the corner shelf put up on the wall and got the floor vacuumed.

Rex got home from work at 17:00 and dinner was on the table by 17:45. I guess he liked it, he had 3 helpings.

I should have started working on those kilts but I ended up watching a couple of episodes of Ros na Rún on TG4
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