kumazuki (Scott) (kumazuki) wrote,
kumazuki (Scott)

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I had such ambition when I left work today. I got home and read my email and put the van troubles out of my mind and set my mind to dinner. I put Swiss steak and brocoli in the oven and headed to the basement/workshop. I cut a few 1" sraps for two harness and for some replacement cod-pieces and dinner was ready. We ate and I clean the table and filled the dishwasher and went to check email before returning back to the grind. while I was emailing, I put on the most recent episode of Jericho. Once that was over I had to watch the recorded episode of Two and a half Men. Well, now it is bed time and I have not returned to the workshop. Now I have to go tuen off the lights. I was lazy tonight.

I guess I was a bit productive. I did get the DVD of RDA's Beyond Betrayal burned for my friend Cat. She will be so happy. Tomorrow is MahJongg night. It will the first time in quite awhile that Cat and Laura have been up to BlueHorse for Mahjongg. have to get there early to see that the freight elevator is availible.
Tags: leather, mah jongg
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