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The weather this weekend was beautiful. It was in the low 70's and sunny. Saturday morning afternoon I got up and decided that it was such a nice day that I was going to butch and enjoy the nice weather at the same time. So I headed to the AutoZone to pick up a new thermostat, radiator flush and some anti-freeze for replacement. I got in my overalls and went to drain the radiator and the turncock on the bottom of the radiator where the release was would not open. Well, I was not going to force. That is all I need is a broken turncock. So the next easiest way to drain the radiator is to disconnect the lower hose. That was easy, no problem. I removed the top hose and undid the bolts that hold the housing of the thermostat. It was not that bad, but the seal was starting to deteriorate a bit. Since I had the radiator empty, I thought it would be a good idea to flush the heater core. The Caravan has not had heat since I bought it about a 6-8 months ago, While I was removing the hoses the connect the heater core to the radiator, I snapped one of the leads of the heater/water valve. That means back to AutoZone. luckily the part was only $13. The radiator flush take quite a bit of time once the thermostat and heater core are put back together. Put the flush in and run the car for 10 minutes, let it cool and drain. Then repeat this step with water. Finally, fill with anti-freeze/water and check for leaks. It take a bit of time to let the radiator fluid cool.

I got the van done just in time to head down to the OtherSide for "mens night". The theme was cowboy. Now I have an excuse to wear my grey Stetson and shit kickers. It was a small crowd, but better than it has been in the past. We stayed til the lights came on. Got home and poured myself into bed.

Sunday is shopping day. Normally Rex and I will go to breakfast and then hit Wally World for groceries. But Rex just pick a case of wat looks like food poisoning. He was up all night in the bathroom and was in not shape to go trapezing around Wichita. I did the grocery shopping and picked up some stuff to make some bacon/cheese biscuits for work on Monday. This is terrible stuff. When I get it I feel like such a carnivore, so dirty and like I will die at a very early age of hardened arteries. AHHHH Bacon! 3 pounds of bacon triming. After frying it up the dripping are great kept in a mason jar in the fridge for srambled eggs or fried rice. The biscuits were a mix (you know just add water) quick easy and they are pretty good. But since I was going to doctor them up with cheese and bacon, I was not really going for the gourmet thing. They turned out pretty tasty and not hafl bad looking.
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