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سؤال, 問題, Question, Frage, Ceistigh, 質問, Pregunta

Well, I guess I will play along. The old monkey see, monkey do.
I know you all are dying to ask me questions. I will do my best to answer what ever you put to me.

I almost forgot...

March is Question month, so ask something.

To the best of my abilities. I am no expert (eventhough I act like I am). Because I have no first hand knowledge, I will not answer any questions pertaining to the female anatomy. All other topics are fair game. All questions will be screened, blah blah blah, user names blah blah blah, sexual content blah blah blah, do not pass GO, blah blah blah, bigger than a bread box, blah blah blah, e pluribus unum.
Tags: meme
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