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HiBearnation 2006

I am still trying to recover from HiBearnation. Wow! what an event. I had such a great time with my two roommates. (William) shelbycub and (Gryphon) gryphons_hole. I seemed like we were constantly trading places on the one small soapbox that we brought with us. William is such a great story teller and really an wonderful guy. Gyrphon is like a cross between my brother, my lover, my friend, my alterself. We have so much more fun than people do!
We lucked out and was able to start setting up the vendor space on Friday.

I was kind of hoping that I would have Friday free so that I could go back to my youth. As a child I lived on Blue Sage Trail in Florissant, MO. I went to a small grade school that was within walking distance from the house, called Black Jack Elem. My best friend lived across the street, and her name was Falicia Jones. I think of her often. Last year at HiBearnation I took the afternoon and went looking for my past. I drove around for hours and never did find Blue Sage Trail. I guess a map would have helped, but I am stuburn that way. I did look in a phone book for Falicia and there was only one. I call and left a voice mail. I never heard back. I guess this is somthing I should get used to. I have made so many friends in my life. I have had a very rich life. But how can I expect all those friend to not go on with there lives since I have very much moved on with mine. I guess time marches on and you really can never go back.

But this year I did not even try to look. I may try again next year.
Tags: bear event, ljers, travel
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